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NMD Data is an online property listing website that exclusively lists mortgagee foreclosure, deceased estate and housing authority properties in one locality, offering the only comprehensive national database of its kind within Australia.

Our database, sources, WHEN, WHERE and with WHOM each property is listed for sale. Collectively, they constitute the best value for money in today’s ever tightening property markets across Australia.

Due to the broad demand for property data, we now include the Commercial and Industrial sectors. This encompasses properties listed by liquidators, administrators and receivers: - they all fit our investment criteria, so we now offer an even wider choice for your investment portfolio.

Our listings are added daily in real time with the date they were added clearly displayed (posted date) on the right side of each search results page; we maintain the listing for the prescribed period and add an overrun period (post auction) so the listing agents can be contacted directly. All this information is vital in the negotiating process as it provides a marketing history of each property listed on the website. Gain the investment advantage JOIN TODAY

Our listings are  Updated daily in real time

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Michelle Collins believes that finding a bargain is in her nature, but she truly outdid herself with her latest investment. The keen property investors paid $15,000 for a block of land in NSW's Blue Mountains - only to discover that it's actually worth more than $200,000 (Your Investment Property copyright). Read on

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